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“It takes a village” isn’t just an expression about raising children. It’s a philosophy that defines the importance of community. Research shows that people age better and live longer when supported by a strong community; a community that supports the belief that older adults can continue to grow and evolve physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Our very own community has shown that exact support and commitment to providing as many resources as possible for all successful aging journeys.

Masterpiece LivingAs a result of that incredible community support, Four Pointes was selected by Masterpiece Living in 2011 as the sole center in the nation to pilot this successful aging initiative in an open community setting. You may ask, “Why would Four Pointes partner with Masterpiece Living?” The answer is that by joining with Masterpiece Living, we are creating new opportunities for individuals, for organizations, for our greater community, and even for our grandchildren by making our world a better place to age.

What do you want for yourself? This question is the foundation of the Masterpiece Living self-discovery process. Engaging in the Masterpiece Living Lifestyle Inventory provides members a unique opportunity to take a closer look at their personal wellness journey. Upon completion, members receive a personalized snapshot of their current lifestyle, have access to state-of-the-art aging research, and gain the opportunity to engage in personalized lifestyle coaching.

This experience encourages members to fly in the face of the perception that aging is about decline. Rather, it’s all about growing and challenging ourselves no matter where we are in life. Masterpiece Living at Four Pointes is much more than a wellness program. In fact, it isn’t a program at all; it’s the very fabric of our culture. It’s the air we breathe. It’s the lens we use to examine our practices, polices, programming and language.

It immerses all individuals in a culture of growth and potential. Information collected in the Lifestyle Inventory process has the ability to fuel organization goals and strategies based on comparative data from across the country. These experiences help to continually evolve and refine our culture.

On a larger scale, Four Pointes’ partnership with Masterpiece Living is working to make our country a better place to age. Work is being done to change public policy related to aging, and to convince policy makers that successful aging is achievable for all. The result of this will dramatically impact healthcare costs, quality of life, and the overall aging experience.

When Four Pointes members engage in the Lifestyle Inventory, they actively contribute to a growing body of knowledge that is used to influence public policy on aging, educate all who serve older adults about the possibilities in aging, and encourage others to live a successful aging lifestyle.

What Is Masterpiece Living?

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End your week on an active note! 
Here are some great opportunities in the Wellness Center for Friday!

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