Our Story

Since our inception in 1969, Four Pointes Center for Successful Aging formerly known as The North Ottawa County Council on Aging has always been a reflection of the older adult community and its needs. We have consistently sought to reflect the best practices in wellness center/social service programming and philosophies of service. Serving the northern part of Ottawa County, we continue to reflect these trends and service delivery methods, continue to be cutting edge and provide a proactive culture for successful aging.

We provide access to those within our service area with information, resources, and programs regardless of an individual’s economic challenges.  Each development has been highlighted with numerous local and statewide awards for excellence in service – an appreciative reminder that our community’s needs dictate our competency.

Our mission has remained the same:

To promote the vitality, independence and well-being of older adults in the North Ottawa County community by providing needed services and information, encouraging recreation and lifelong learning and advocating for solutions to the issues of aging. 

Since 2000, we have been thoughtful in our development to best serve the older adults of our community and to be excellent stewards of millage funds and other resources. Our story is this:

2000           Multiple municipal millage support secures a commitment to the safety net of services for older adults in our community.

2001-2006   We added service offerings to meet emerging and emergency unmet needs and greatly expand lifelong learning and recreational opportunities.

2007 We grew into the Grand Haven Community Center to accommodate expanded service delivery.

2009-2010  We began planning to best respond to the massive growth in, and increased longevity of, our older adult population. The “Age Wave” of Baby Boomers hits.  Participation explodes in programs.

2011 -2012   We formally engaged in strategic planning. We were selected for a nationwide initiative based on 10 years of research to further demonstrate – long term – our ability to lower health care costs in our community and to provide a safety net of basic human services.

2013   A relocation, expansion, and re-branding positioned the organization to serve the community into the future with services that provide healthy options for aging at any transition of life.  Membership grew by 75% to over 1250 members, and 1000 clients were touched by our social and consumer services.

Four Pointes provides the foundation and support to allow individuals to actualize their unique potential along their successful aging journey.

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